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conditions: excellent
taille/dimension: 94.20x65.37x51.30mm

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This Rare Natural Morganite is largest than the ones at the British and Smithsonian Museums by 2.5 times, which probably the world's largest for any cut polished and certified Morganite. I have some pictures here.

Carats: 1,652
Treatment: NONE
Broker Chains: No
Treatment: Zero/None
Certificate: GRS

1. No window shopping (Meaning, I will not show in person without a contract with prior agreed pricing)
2. Brinks, Malca Amit, JP Morgan Escrow or Bank to Bank or TTM
3. please message or email me if you like to purchase.
  • Vous pouvez contacter cet annonceur pour d'autres services ou intérêts commerciaux.

Id publi: 6846802836


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